Top 10 Startups May

top 10 startups may

Here are the top 10 most interesting startups of the month of June.

At The startup CFO we bring you the list of the 10 best startups of last month. They are companies with a lot of potential and innovative solutions that adapt to the needs of society and the market.
Estamos seguros del éxito de estas startups que ya lo están demostrado con su trabajo y la obtención de fondos para seguir creciendo.

Bechester offers all the alternatives to furnish any asset in a simple and sustainable way. They offer two types of solutions, Rentchester, a furniture renting for a monthly fee without bail. And Buychester,purchase of furniture, deco and appliances of any style and budget. Always with the possibility of using second hand furniture, in perfect condition, providing a sustainable benefit, economic and social.

Bechester raised €1.5M in an expansion of its seed funding round involving strategic business angels such as Hugo Arévalo (ThePowerMBA), Felipe Navío (jobandtalent), and Iñigo Juantegui (La Nevera Roja y Ontruck).

Payflow develope solutions that allow its customers to improve the employee experience, enhance their employing brand and retain talent. Payflow, gives instant access to the already earned salary; Learnflow, provides the best financial education in simple classes and Saveflow, helps save to achieve goals in the simplest way.

They already have the confidence of more than 200 customers and have generated an incredible impact on their workforce, improving productivity, motivation or financial well-being and decreasing employees rotation.

Zeleros designs and develops new technologies for sustainable and efficient transportation, which will allow to travel at 1000 km/h with renewable energies, combining the best from the aeronautics and the railway industries. The founders of Zeleros come from “Hyperloop UPV”, University project awarded at SpaceX Hyperloop Design Weekend Competition in 2015, organized by visionary Elon Musk. In the short term, the team is applying their knowledge to several fields, but the end objective is to be a lead player in Europe in the development of sustainable transportation technologies , and to build key partnerships to make it a reality. Zeleros counts with the support of leading companies in several key industries and public organisations, interested in pushing towards the evolution of this new and promising market and technologies.

Marsi Bionics emerges as a spin-off of the Automatic and Robotics Centre (CAR), a joint centre between the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).  It is recognized as a Technology Based Company (EBT) with a high impact on the development of disruptive technologies for the health sector. Its activity focuses on the development of lower limb exoskeletons for medical and industrial applications. Based on an innovative own technology called ARES.

In the coming months they will open the doors of a large therapy center for pediatric and adult patients.

Amphora is a technology company that allows outsourcing logistics to e-commerce companies. It gives solution to all stages of the logistics chain through their own platform. From the entry and storage of the inventory, the preparation of orders and the final shipment to the customer. Amphora allows their customers to focus all their time on growing their business, assuring to carry out their logistics efficiently and affordably.

Fuell is a startup from the Fintech sector that has developed the only corporate card and expense management software that helps the efficiency of the company. Eliminates the need for expense reporting; manages expenditures in real time; organizes and controls budgets. Allows the user to allocate money to his team of different budgets that evolve in real time, send and request money instantly. More than 150 companies already trust Fuell.

Time is brain is a technology-based startup founded by neurologists Antonio Dávalos, Jaume Coll and Alicia Martínez with the commitment to provide tools to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of patients suffering AIS. Time is brain developed BraiN20, a dedicated medical device that automatically records and analyses neuronal electrical activity.

Getlife is the insurance company that breaks with the stereotype of traditional insurance companies. Getlife brings modern life insurance with the aim that all families can be protected. A 100% online productwith an affordable price that customers can hire in just a few minutes, without agents or medical exams. Getlife use technology to democratize life insurance so that all our customers can protect what they love most. They raised a seed round of €6M led by Singular and other investors like Gokul D.

Hotelverse , a 3D inmersive booking system that changes the whole paradigm of hotel reservation

Founded by executives of Grupo Iberostar, Fermín Carmona and Rafael Bover who wanted to generate an irreplaceable customer value proposition by travel agencies. Hotelverse activates products and services to generate new desintermediation opportunities and transform the travelers experience.  They have the opportunity to fly over the hotel, explore its facilities, hyper-personalize a specific room and book it. Hotelverse fundraised €1M on a round.

DudyFit is a customer management platform and services forpersonal trainers and nutritionists. They help these professionals digitize their sports consulting business by increasing engagement, revenue and making their business scalable. All the necessary tools tools in a single platform minimizing the time spent in these management tasks, providing traceability and analysis of all data collected from each client, thus professionalizing their services and their way of working.

Dudyfit raised 2.5 million in its fourth round of funding. With the entry of new funds the company will finance its international expansion.

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