Public funding

Get the boost your startup needs

There are plenty of options to get additional non-dilutive funding for your startup, but keeping up to date with all of them and applying for them is not easy. We become your partner to ensure you maximize the amount of public funding your startup can get.

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companies trusted us.

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The best public funding options for your startup.

Co-investment aids

Complement your private funding round with public loans, maximising the amount raised for your startup with less dilution.

Public subsidies

Take advantage of all direct non-refundable grants from entities at any level, either local, regional, national or European.

Partially refundable

Finance your R&D and IT projects with soft funding, with non-refundable tranches and refundable tranches at 0% interest and with a long grace period.

Tax incentives

Recover up to 59% of what you spend each year on R&D and save 30% of your developers’ social security costs each month.

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