About us

A team of more than 15 experienced financial analysts working with more than 50 startups.

At The Startup CFO you will find a team committed to each of the projects we work with.

Our team

Our goal is to revolutionize the financial management of startups and we want to do it through the commitment, dedication and work of our great human team.


At The Startup CFO we want to ensure appropriate control and funding for entrepreneurs, helping them to improve the world through innovation and generation of employment.


Our goal is to redefine the rules of financial management and become the leading strategic partner for the success of the best entrepreneurs.


Bulletproof ethics

We never compromise our ethics. We are 100% clear and honest with our clients and third parties. We open borderline issues for discussion.

Humans first

Companies don't exist, only humans behind them. We offer "peace of mind" to our entrepreneurs: we build trust and earn their gratitude. We always have fun.

Outstanding delivery

We work to be excellent in our delivery, minimizing mistakes and always striving for perfection. We tackle issues with a senior mindset. We have an obligation to challenge, if something goes wrong, we say so.

Here to grow

“Continuous improvement" mentality for our clients and our own team. We are constantly looking for new challenges. We always learn, both from our startups and from our teammates.

The best talent to go with and make your project grow.


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