Top 10 Startups April

Top 10 startups abril


At The Startup CFO we bring you back our "Top 10 startups" section to tell you about the startups that have given their all in April and that we are sure will continue to do so in the following months.

We know that in the world of entrepreneurship it is not easy to come up with an innovative project idea. In many cases, even if you have one, getting your startup to become a reference in the sector is really complicated.

In this post we tell you about some of the startups that we are following very closely from The Startup CFO team for the great work they are doing in recent months!

Chargy has developed a new communication channel focused on a marketing tool that boosts the digital strategy of brands and companies around the world. They define themselves as the creators and promoters of a new way of marketing through mobile charging, "Chargy Marketing". It is a startup focused on Big Data e IoT that has just raised a round of funding of 1M!!

MONEI allows you to manage your entire payment system (online and offline) from a single platform so you can accept more payment methods, save money on multiple integrations and engineering costs, reduce risk and increase conversion rates. Use its powerful plugins or payment API to connect to popular e-commerce platforms or integrate a custom website. Create an account to start testing integrations and payments.


Connectif personalises your user's shopping experience and increases your sales, through a marketing automation platform that allows you to model your users' behaviour in real time, personalise their experiences and create buyer personas.

Tucuvi is a startup whose mission is to make healthcare efficient and accessible so that all patients can have the best quality of life at home. Through Lola, their AI-powered virtual voice assistant, it accompanies and monitors the patient's state of health in the simplest, most natural and empathetic way possible.

Bcome has developed a SaaS platform for sustainability management in the textile and apparel industry based on their claim "never before has it been so easy to be sustainable and transparent". They help brands within the textile sector to trace, analyse, evaluate and communicate the impacts of their products.

Arengu is a SaaS technology to create your own registration flows, visually building the user interface and automating user onboarding effortlessly. From their website you can request a demo and try it for free!

Brighter AI is a German startup that offers anonymisation solutions based on state-of-the-art deep learning technology to protect identity in public. They have just been named "Europe's most attractive AI startup" and have won "The Spark - The German Digital Award". You can also request a free demo on their website!

tl;dv is a German software startup with a single goal, to revolutionise the culture of video call meetings, "Join fewer & host leaner live meetings". Software already available to record and take notes of meetings, among other functions, available for Google meets and zoom.

Baïa Food is a Madrid-based startup in the foodtech sector that has just raised a €1.8M round of funding to continue generating a positive impact on people's health. They are in the process of developing a new food that is extracted from a unique ingredient in nature with nutraceutical, food and cosmetic applications. We recommend you go and read their story on their website, it is truly inspiring!

Zim has some amazing founders who are here to revolutionise the world of connectivity, replacing physical SIM cards with ZIM (an eSIM). With their goal of keeping you connected, anywhere and everywhere as a traveller, they have just released their mobile app for Android and iOS.

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