The Startup CFO top 10 startups list!

Doing something really new or interesting in the entrepreneurship world is not a simple task. From The Startup CFO we want to talk about companies that we consider to be doing a really impressive job.

We leave you with our top 10 startups in Spain with great projection that you should not lose sight of:

  1. Koa Health: This startup from Barcelona offers mental health services by using the newest technology and research. Their products improve the quality of the service that is currently being offered in this sector, both for companies and individuals. Koa Health has recently raised a €30M round.
  1. MedLumics - Founded in 2011, MedLumics takes advantage of improvements in biophotonics to enhance the development of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. This startup has the first optically guided real-time ablation catheter system for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. MedLumics has raised a €18m round led by Asabys Partners and Kurma Partners.
  1. BusUp: This startup provides efficient outreach programs using cutting edge technology. This is something especially interesting in times when mobility is so changing. BusUp has raised a $6m round to expand from Europe and Latin America to the US.
  1. Volava: Volava is “the first smart stationary bicycle”. A new way of conceiving traditional exercise bikes. Volava offers substantial improvements such as magnetic brake or ultra-quiet transmission belt among others. Volava has just raised €2m to consolidate as a revolutionary company in “home fitness”.
  1. codeless platform enables any user to create enterprise-ready natural language processing models in just minutes.This easy-to-use platform can be implemented by almost anyone, helping to automate repetitive tasks, thus saving time. recently raised a $2m round led by Village Global.
  1. Kubbo: Provider of fulfillment services and next-day and same-day delivery for e-commerce. This innovative system implements urban hubs in which ecommerce companies can place their merchandise closer to the regular customer, thus improving delivery times. Recently Kubbo has raised €1m led by THCAP.
  1. Inbiot Monitoring: This startup from Navarra offers three different equipments for the control and measurement of air in closed spaces. Statistics show that we spend between 80% and 90% of the time in closed spaces. These data, combined with the current pandemic situation due to Covid-19, make it a very interesting product. Inbiot Monitoring has recently raised €240k.
  1. Triditive: Using 3D printing concepts and with a great technological project, Triditive offers a 3D printing service on materials such as metal or polymers. Thanks to the patented technology they have been able to go from prototyping to mass production. Triditive has raised €1,5m.
  1. Aflorithmic Labs: "We want to make audio creation as easy as blogging". In this way Björn Ühss, CCO and founder, presents his project to us. This company uses AI to customize the products of other companies in different situations. Based in London and Barcelona, Algorithmic Labs raised $1,3m from Crowd Media Holdings in February.
  1. Bipi: Spanish subscription car startup. Bipi is a car platform where the user pays a fee for insurance, maintenance costs, taxes and revision. This service doesn’t have commitment on the minimum period, and the prices, of course, vary depending on the car that we are requesting. Bipi has just raised €16,5m.

From The Startup CFO team we wish the best of luck to all of them (and to many others that do not appear in this article) in the future.

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