Nauta: a sector leader in Venture Capital investment

Nauta: a sector leader in Venture Capital investment

Nauta is a leading Venture Capital firm and a proudly Spanish company. They’ve gained rapid success across Europe and are beginning to branch out to Latin America, a market with massive potential and size. As we’re sure you’ve already gathered, Nauta is a company worth knowing about. We aim to take you through the need-to-know information on the company and explore everything they really have to offer. Nauta works across Europe, with bases in London, Barcelona and Berlin, allowing an insight into a variety of markets, regions and languages as a starting point to tap into the absolute best opportunities.

Nauta focuses on B2B software companies and set out a clear mission to invest in talented entrepreneurs through their company’s lifecycle while typically taking on projects in their early stage. Through all of this, a clear vision and mindset can be pinpointed: Nauta strives to support disruptive, innovative entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to turn around and often totally reinvent industries which have often become routinary or have failed to offer dynamic solutions to real needs in an ever-changing world.

Today more than ever, at The Startup CFO we know that this mindset is essential to boost creativity and inspire VC across different regions.

Key talent that drives Nauta

Nauta boasts a diverse team of professionals from all walks of life with each team member bringing unique expertise to the table at this expert firm from across the countries where the team is based. In this post, we want to focus on their general partners:

Carles Ferrer Roqueta is based in London and has a Business Administration background including graduate management experience at Harvard. He has looked after VC funds expertly since 2000. He has been instrumental in his role as a leader at Nauta for recent deals with Brandwatch, Abiquo, GetApp and BeMyEye.

Daniel Sánchez boasts a strong Mergers and Acquisitions background and works out of Barcelona. He has sat on the board of directors for what is known today as InvestEurope and specializes in taking all of Nauta’s Operations area under his wing. He was directly involved in some of Nauta’s most notable exits including Privalia.

Jordi Viñas also works out of the Barcelona office and has actively taken charge of investment projects in the UK, Ireland and Spain. He has sat on over 10 different boards for the media and technology sector and has an expert background in consulting for telecommunications industries.

Milestones and rounds

Nauta was founded in 2004 and their first fund was announced in January 2006 where they raised €50M. The firm has now raised 5 funds and the latest fund, in July 2020, comes in at a figure of €135M. Their largest fund raised came in at a value of €155M in June 2016. Let’s take a look at the complete list of their funding rounds, starting with the most recent:

Jul 8, 2020 Nauta Tech Invest V €135M

Apr 4, 2019 Nauta Side Car Fund €55M

Jun17, 2016 Nauta Tech Invest IV €155M

Jun 1, 2010 Nauta Tech Invest III €105M

Jan 7, 2006 Nauta Tech Invest II €50M

Nauta has celebrated 15 exits.

The most notable include Brandwatch, Social Point, Eyeview and Privalia. Brandwatch is a consumer intelligence and social media listening platform while Privalia specializes in e-commerce for fashion and household product ranges. Other exits include Rifiniti, a US-based firm (Boston, Mass.) focusing on real-time intelligence and GetApp, a business recommendation engine specializing in software solutions for companies. These exits give a taste of the diversity of Nauta’s projects and future potential for a range of trendsetting, inspiring and disruptive investments.

Current portfolio and projects

Nauta boasts a number of exciting current portfolio projects and lead investments which have caused us to pay close attention at The Startup CFO. Nauta works with a number of our clients, which we consider highly inspiring and honoring. We are going to focus on Ifeel, a client of ours and Holded, another company which was a massive success for Nauta.

Ifeel is a Madrid-based firm focused on emotional wellbeing, aiming to democratize therapy. This startup responds to a very clear need which has arisen as a result of mental health awareness during the pandemic. The startup has raised a significant sum of €5,5M with Nauta in Series A with a view to enhance and expand its reach.

Holded is a Barcelona-based startup founded by Bernat Ripoll in 2015 which specializes in simplifying task management through its business management software. The startup demonstrates a response to key questions around distance and remote working as well as liaison between global teams, another area which is becoming increasingly relevant this year. On 2nd February 2021, Holded raised €15M in a funding round that included Nauta Venture Capital and in June 2021 got acquired by Oslo-based Visma Group for €120M.

At The Startup CFO, we wanted to recognise Nauta’s influential and growing activity involving the best entrepreneurs, including some of our own clients. We are experienced in managing and guiding startups of all kinds on the road to fast success through expert know-how. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your needs and doubts about growing your startup.

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