Top 10 Startups June

Here is the top 10 most interesting startups of the month of June.

Here is the list of the 10 most interesting startups of last month. Innovative companies that are changing the way we work. All of them revolutionizing different sectors.

Here is the top 10 most interesting startups of the month of June.

Top 10 Startups Junio - Idoven

Idoven, the Spanish startup that has managed to implement a system of early detection of heart problems. It prevents, among others, myocardial infarctions through technologies such as machine learning. Idoven has raised 19,8 millions in the series A led by Insight Partner, Northzone, Wayra and major business angels.

Top 10 Startups Junio - Triditive

Triditive is a manufacturing platform, using 3D printing, for parts on demand. It is the factory of the future. They help companies optimize complex manufacturing flow by allowing them to scale their production with a single click. Asturian startup has raised five million in a series A round, bringing the total to 8 million.

Top 10 Startups Junio - Chekin

CheKin, the Spanish startup offers a 100% digital Check-in to the tourism industry. The traditional reception is made from the guest’s mobile. You can manage all the identification and legal registration procedures... A solution that improves the experience of both customers and employees of all types of tourist accommodation. They already work with more than 18,000 tourist accommodations in more than 20 countries.

Top 10 Startups Junio - 4Domo

The 4Domo platform provides a solution to the creation of scenarios in the metaverse. One of the big problems it faces. In addition to providing a solution to the artisan work behind each work, it breaks with the power limitations of the devices thanks to its servers and the possibility of providing the service through the web browser.

Top 10 Startups Junio - Gretel

“Most company's knowledge is currently fragmented across different departments and applications, and SMEs use 73 different apps on average” Gretel connects marketing teams with all the information they need to be informed and productive in their jobs via management software. They Bring together the information from the tools the company uses.

Top 10 Startups Junio - Cocuus

Cocuus is a technology company whose mission is to revolutionize food through disruptive solutions. Develops high technology for biosynthesis of novel foods. They have implemented new plant base and cell base manufacturing processes, development of plant or cell based animal protein analogues through 2D/3D laser printing, bioprinting and robotics. The startup has raised 2.5 million in the first round of the company, series A.

Top 10 Startups Junio - Uelz

Uelz is a platform to manage the online collection process of customers and take control of it. By generating a link that allows a fast and secure payment. the platform is integrated with each system. It offers different payment methods and automates customers' subscriptions and single payments.

Top 10 Startups Junio - Usyncro

At Usyncro develop technology to optimize the logistics chain. Usyncro is a cloud solution that simplifies shipments, synchronizing involved, transactions and documents in the same place. With a global vision of transport they integrate the different systems involved giving a technological solution of greater scope and in real time.

Top 10 Startups Junio - Kilimanjaria

Kilimanjaria is the first food theme park at home." As the CEO of Kilimanjaria, José Luis Vega de Seoane, quieren que la compañía “sea una especie de sello de calidad y garantías. El grupo Kilimajaro está formado por cuatro marcas propias con una oferta de comida diferente en modelo de cloud kitchen.
The startup has raised €800,000 in its second round of funding led by The Valley VC, FIDES Capital and the LAR Group.

Top 10 Startups Junio - Colkie

Colkie is a platform designed to help artists consolidate their audiences into a single community. It is a direct channel of communication with its fans, sharing exclusive content for that community and thus generating a new source of income for the artist. This Spanish startup founded in Miami has achieved 2M in its first round of funding.

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