Top 10 Startups August

Here is the list of the 10 most interesting startups of August.
Top 10 startups agosto

At The Startup CFO we bring you the list of the 10 most interesting startups of last month. Innovative companies that are changing the way we work. All of them revolutionizing different sectors.

Here is the list of the 10 most interesting startups of August.

Ironchip is a security software whose technology analyzes human mobility behavior to turn it into a factor of digital identity. The new location-based digital identity is an innovative approach to defense against the rise of cyber attacks, adapted to the challenge of digitization and vulnerabilities. In their latest round they have raised €2.1M in which has joined the financial institution ABANCA along with current investors, Easo Ventures and Inveready.

Unlockd is a platform that provides instant loans backed by NFTs, allowing users to generate cash from such products. The startup has just closed a €4.4M seed round led by Blockchain Capital in order to continue working on product improvement and implementation developments, among others.

Caravelo is a travel tech that aims to change the way airlines and other travel companies interact with travelers through a Saas that allows airlines to create flight subscription programs. In this way their customers achieve increased productivity, revenue and customer experience. Caravelo has announced the closing of a €3M round by Sabadell Venture Capital and Inveready.

City Robotics is a Polish startup that has created autonomous robots with ultraviolet light that disinfect large surfaces of germs, as they defend that the creation of robots is to work alongside humans and not to replace them. On their website you can request a demo to see how their products work.

iPronics, the pioneering startup in photonic computing has created a new generation of photonic circuits where common hardware can be programmed using software for a wide variety of applications. iPronics has announced a €3.7M investment round led by Amadeus Capital with the participation of Caixa Capital Risc.

Food for Joe is the ecommerce that improves your pet's health through recipes based on 100% natural and fresh ingredients. All recipes are cooked under vacuum at low temperature to maintain all the nutrients and are customized according to the characteristics and needs of your pet. The startup has closed a €1.5M financing round in which has participated, among others, Abac Nest and Lánzame Capital.

XFuel is on a mission to decarbonize the transportation industry. They dedicate their technology, time and talent to advancing the transition to sustainable low-carbon fuels. They have an innovative technology for the sustainable and cost-effective conversion of biomass waste into a clean and advanced fuel. They have raised an investment of €8.2M to accelerate the deployment of low carbon fuel technology for the land, air and sea sectors.

Jotelulu is a platform with the goal of transforming small IT companies into cloud providers with it´s branding and pricing. The startup has a comprehensive set of features, tools and documentation focused on making it easier to manage and sell cloud services. On their website you can request a demo so they can explain in detail how the platform works.

Ayúdame 3D´s mission is to promote the social value of technology to help vulnerable groups around the world through social R&D development. The startup has developed 3D printed arms with prehensile mobility thanks to the joint that each person has (wrist, elbow, shoulder) for people who cannot afford a device to help them in their daily life.

Spazious is a Saas that increases direct bookings of their clients' guest rooms and event venues. They achieve this through 360° virtual tours, 3D diagramming tools and a booking engine for meetings and events. You can discover all they do by requesting a demo on their website.

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