Tax incentives

Public funding

Recover up to 59% of what you spend each year on R&D and save 30% of your developers' social security costs each month.


Exceptions in the tax framework that reward companies that develop innovative activities.

We advise you to apply for deductions for R&D and IT if your company:


12% deduction for technological innovation projects.


Maximum reduction of 5 million euros per year.


Up to 59% reduction for R&D projects.


Motivated report required for monetisation of 80%, to be requested before 25 July of the following year.


Profit applicable to all companies that have staff on their payroll who dedicate at least 85% of their time to R&D or technological innovation activities.

Scope of application:


40% rebate on employer's contributions to common social security contingencies.


Reasoned report required from 9 employees onwards, to be submitted before 30 June of the following year.


Compatibility of deductions and bonuses if you have the Innovative SME Seal.


Tax Lease, or technological patronage, is an instrument that allows new private investment to be channelled towards R&D projects.

It is a non-dilutive funding channel that brings private investors closer to the R&D ecosystem.

It is dedicated to companies that generate R&D projects with a positive impact and promote the intensification of research in Spain.


Access to funding in just 3 months from application.


The research company receives between 25% and 40% of the cost of the project.

The best public funding options for your startup.

Co-investment aids

Complement your private funding round with public loans, maximising the amount raised for your startup with less dilution.

Public subsidies

Take advantage of all direct non-refundable grants from entities at any level, either local, regional, national or European.

Partially refundable

Finance your R&D and IT projects with soft funding, with non-refundable tranches and refundable tranches at 0% interest and with a long grace period.

Tax incentives

Recover up to 59% of what you spend each year on R&D and save 30% of your developers’ social security costs each month.

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