Public subsidies

Public funding

Take advantage of all non-refundable direct aid from entities at any level, be it local, regional, national or European.


It finances the startup of new business projects that require the use of technologies or knowledge developed from research activity.

Key requirements:

By tranches

The aid is disbursed in two tranches.

Eligible costs

Investments in fixed assets, personnel costs, materials, external collaborations and other costs.


Non-refundable subsidy of up to 325,000 euros.


No guarantees of any kind are required (the guarantee is the project itself).


Non-refundable subsidy for the recruitment of staff with a PhD degree.

Key requirements:


The application period usually opens during the month of January.


Aid must be applied to carry out additional R&D activities.


The maximum annual recruitment cost may not exceed 55,000 euros.

Joint funding

Joint funding of salary and employer's social security contributions.

The best public funding options for your startup.

Co-investment aids

Complement your private funding round with public loans, maximising the amount raised for your startup with less dilution.

Public subsidies

Take advantage of all direct non-refundable grants from entities at any level, either local, regional, national or European.

Partially refundable

Finance your R&D and IT projects with soft funding, with non-refundable tranches and refundable tranches at 0% interest and with a long grace period.

Tax incentives

Recover up to 59% of what you spend each year on R&D and save 30% of your developers’ social security costs each month.

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