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As many of our readers will already know, at The Startup CFO we are passionate about business, entrepreneurs and celebrating success stories. In this post, we are going to explore Demium, a startup incubator born in Valencia that uses a unique methodology with a specific focus on SaaS environments. Before we delve into methodology, it’s important to mention that Demium’s programme targets existing startups as well as individuals. Both categories can apply, and in the case of existing startups, their team, progress, and goals are evaluated to fully explore growth potential.

High performance methodology 

Demium is an incubator driven by a high-performance methodology based on enhancing entrepreneurial talent and promoting success. The company aims to take individuals with outstanding ideas to the next level and truly grow their business through funding, using the additional support and expertise they provide. The company centres its activities in 8 key locations: Valencia, Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid, Lisbon, Athens, Ukraine, and Poland.

Demium opens application rounds in these locations for candidates who want to grow their startup and participate in the 6-month programme. This programme offers 2 huge advantages: the opportunity to receive excellent guidance throughout the established programme to set up all aspects of their company and can later seek a €100.000 pre-seed investment with Demium’s partner fund using the skills and acumen acquired during the programme.

In the case that this investment is successfully executed after the pitching stage, Demium charges the successful applicants a fee of €40.000. Bear in mind that the investment amount could then rise to €500.000 depending on success factors with follow-on investments as a real possibility.

What does the methodology consist of exactly? 

  • Application: the individual or start up can apply on the website, explaining more about their idea or project and what they want to achieve. Demium seek passion, creativity and innovation at this stage. Application rounds for each location are announced on the same página web.
  • Interviews: At this stage, the individual or existing startup will be evaluated in a series of virtual or in-person chats with Demium’s team to see if they have the right fit with the Demium early-stage team's philosophy and their rapid growth culture.
  • AllStartup weekend: This part really causes us to sit up and take note of the ground-breaking methodology offered by Demium. The AllStartup weekend is a hackathon event offering all individual candidates the opportunity to meet, work in teams, explore other startup ideas, share knowledge and network with other budding entrepreneurs and individuals with a taste for all things business. Candidates who already have startups can also attend this weekend if they wish to do so. The weekend is an invaluable networking and pitching opportunity, with the opportunity to pitch at the end of the event. At The Startup CFO, we often come back to the importance of pitching as you’ve may have seen in other blog posts and at Demium, pitching is firmly ingrained in both the programme culture and end goal of winning investments.
  • Demium programme: This is perhaps the most interesting stage. The most outstanding candidates from both categories are invited to join the Demium programme. Individuals are coached in order to find a co-founder and enhance their idea with the goal of achieving an investment. Guidance is provided for existing startups by way of management, streamlining and networking opportunities in preparation for the investment pitch.
  • Pitching for up to €500.000 funding: At this stage, all the help and expertise learnt during the Demium programme is put into practice by trying to obtain an investment of up to €500.000 from Think Bigger Capital, Demium’s Valencia-based asset management company. To give an idea of numbers, the fund plans to invest the base amount of €100.000 in 200 startups over the next 3 years and reserves an extra 37,5% of the fund for follow-on investments of up to €500.000.

A taste of success stories that have come up through Demium’s methodology

Hannun: a luxurious e-commerce furniture brand with artisan teams working across Spain on ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture for a range of environments including ranges inspired by Montessori education and outdoor pieces. Their focus is on improving their diverse communities and providing opportunities for those at risk of social exclusion, working with a multicultural community of artisans in different local workshops.

BOXSR: a company offering attractive personal care products for men. The brand offers a wealth of solutions for modern men, from peels to daily moisturisers, setting them apart from traditional men’s cosmetics.

At The Startup CFO, we are excited by Demium’s approach and passion for companies that are shaping the future at a time when e-commerce, apps and technology-driven solutions are more important than ever. Contact us to explore your needs and for any questions you have about the financial management of startups.

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