Top 10 Startups July

Here is the list of the 10 most interesting startups of last month
Top 10 startups julio

Here is the list of the 10 most interesting startups of last month. Innovative companies that are changing the way we work. All of them revolutionizing different sectors.

Here is the list of the 10 most interesting startups of last month

Logistiko - top 10 startups julio

Logistiko is the startup that solves the operational problems of urban distribution companies. It is a package delivery software that automates, plans and controls customer routes, saving time and improving the entire customer experience. In just two years they multiplied their turnover by 10 and achieved great milestones in the industry. It was chosen by South summit Best Mobility Startup and Smart Cities in 2021. They just raised a €750,000 round led by GoHub Ventures.

Devon Labs - Top 10 startups julio

Devon is a startup that helps optimize the management of degenerative CNS diseases, chronic pain and oncology, both caregiver and physician through new forms of personalized care. Its goal is to improve the quality of patient’s life. Develop their own product focused on niche markets with unmet needs. The startup raised €4.5M invested by venture capital management Iveready.

Stockagile - Top 10 startups julio

Stockagile is a software for distributors and retailers, which manages both inventory and distribution as well as purchases and sales in ecommerce and market places. Synchronize catalogs, stocks and orders in real time. The startup arose from the need that its founders had seen to connect the world "on" and "off", especially the retailer. In the last round Stockagile raised 2,5M€ to scale the business model.

Zenrows a proprietary SaaS that facilitates web data extraction, structuring and storage for businesses around the world. Its founders want to simplify the data automation process for companies that do not have the possibility to hire the necessary technical talent. The startup closed its first round of financing for 1,100,000 euros, liderada por 4Founders Capital que utilizará para empujar la estrategia de marketing y ventas.

Flexidao - Top 10 startups julio

FlexiDAO's software helps companies reach net zero emissions by tracing where their electricity comes from and its true CO2, every hour of the day. They use blockchain to match energy production data and energy consumption data linked to the official energy certificates. The startup consolidate green energy data in one place. They just announce a $6.5 million investment round led by SET Ventures, with investment from Google and the Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund, and existing investor EIT InnoEnergy.

Celebreak - Top 10 startups julio

CeleBreak is a worldwide football community. The platform match players and host who will take care of keeping the teams balanced and motivated, while ensuring the quality of the match. CeleBreak also offers private sessions to play just your group. For now, you can play their matches in 6 cities around the world: Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Frankfurt, Munich and Los Angeles. The company was founded in 2015 and in recent years our community has grown to have up to 10,000 players each month.

Agrosingularity - Top 10 startups julio

Agrosingularity is an impact foodtech company that is producing powder food ingredients from non valorized fresh food. The startup aims to make food much more sustainable, providing value to its customers. The idea arose from observing an inefficiency in the food production system.

Build 38 - Top 10 startups julio

Build 38 develops Mobile Application Protection Solutions and Services including artificial intelligence and the strongest app shielding technology easiest to integrate in minutes. They work to enable trust in no-trust zones to secure app data, access to backends, personal data and get ahead of the attacker. Build38 is specialized in mobile security for a global environment and a vibrant mobile market.

Leverade - Top 10 startups julio

Leverade offers sports management and monetization software sports federations and similar organizations. The use of blockchain to capture and distribute the value generated by competitions and has an impact on the various actors involved. Leverade has been offering technology and tools to professionalize and optimize the daily management of sports entities for more than six years. They also plan to release their $LEGEND token.

qodeup - Top 10 Startups Julio

Qodeup es el único menú digital aprobado por la Federación Italiana de Chefs. Para un restaurante más innovador, atento y seguro. Su sistema de QR permite al cliente elegir el menú e incluso pedir integrando la carta con el sistema del restaurante.

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