External CFO

The CFO your startup needs.

We want you to stop spending your time on day-to-day administrative tasks and invest it in what you do best, your business.

We take care of your startup's finances.

Nuestro servicio de CFO externo externo cubre las 3 principales áreas financieras de cualquier startup (control, admin y fundraising). Gracias al trabajo de nuestro equipo, hemos conseguido ser un referente en la gestión financiera para startups, aportando nuestro conocimiento, experiencia e implicación con cada uno de nuestros clientes.

Business planning and reporting

We control your startup by projecting and monitoring the main KPI's and financials of the company.

Financial and administrative processes

We are responsible for the smooth running of all administrative matters of the startup.

Support in fundraising

We proactively support our clients in covering their financial needs with the best possible conditions.

How do we work?

Recurrent service

Constant support. Whenever you need us, we are at your disposal. 


We adapt to your processes and needs to make it easy. 


Senior experience for the cost of a junior position, with a fixed price and unlimited hours.

Our achievements

We advance and grow hand in hand with our clients.

More than €40M

raised in funding rounds for our clients.

More than €15M

raised in bank funding for clients.

More than €10M

raised in public funding for clients.

More than 15 countries

are covered by our clients.

Success stories

The app specialized in cashback to consumers for their purchases aims to reach one million users.

The acquired company specialized in the development of cybersecurity solutions for mobile applications and passwordless authentication.

The investment round was exclusively open to members of its network.

Thanks to powerful artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, the startup is able to prevent possible heart disease.

Digital benefits management platform to improve employee's wellbeing through flexible and innovative compensation packages.

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