The bookkeeping that speaks the language of startups.

Traditional consultancies do not understand the characteristics, real needs and day-to-day particularities of a startup. 

Your managing partner

The Startup CFO helps you in the day-to-day management of your startup.

Gathering information

We adjust the collection methods according to the volume of invoices issued and received. Of course, we are in charge of gathering it ourselves.


We adapt to the method you propose for exchanging information. You can give us the keys to be self-employed or you can send us the scanned invoices, it's up to you.


We notify you in advance of the amount to be paid together with its justification. Once any doubts have been solved, we proceed to file the tax.

Taxes submitted

Once the taxes have been filed, we send them by email. If you wish, we return the corrected information to you or keep it until the end of the financial year.


Preparation of accounts

Accounting service covering the different types of business activity.

Preparation and filing of annual accounts

Preparation and filing of annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss account, annual report, state of changes in equity as the state of cash flow).

Legalization of accounting books

Preparation and filing of the most common accounting books, and those which, as a result of the activity, are deemed appropriate to facilitate a better understanding of the same.


Preparation of tax record books:

Tax settlements:


The company:

The worker:


Monthly reports available together with payroll printing:

And also, with no additional cost:

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